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Capoeira Flow

At Capoeira Flow we practice a contemporary form of Capoeira – this is a full combat system incorporating a full range of strikes, grapples, and takedowns.


Capoeira contains many of the same techniques that can be found within most combat systems but also incorporates a broad range of techniques that are far less orthodox. This enables practitioners to strike from a number of different levels and directions and from a range of unexpected positions.


The forms evasive and sometimes acrobatic style has more in common with duck and weave boxing` than the more solid stance adopted by some martial art styles. This enables practitioners to not only avoid and counter the opponent’s strikes but gives them the ability to occupy the areas opened up by their adversary’s movements.


Capoeira’s effectiveness as a fighting technique is evidenced today by its success within freestyle combat arenas, with a number of prominent competitors coming from predominately Capoeira backgrounds.


As a style, the form is constantly evolving, with Mestres (Masters) regularly developing new movements and techniques as well as adapting and refining aspects from other disciplines. This ensures the art remains a relevant and effective combat system by taking advantage of contemporary knowledge and techniques.


Although primarily a martial art Capoeira also includes a number of other creative forms that are integral to its practice such as the singing of songs and playing of music: this brings rhythm and energy to the bouts and dances performed as celebrations; Capoeira comes with all the flavours of Brazil and so much more.