The classes are focused on building and refining capoeira technique and basic skills. Although every class is different, a typical class consists of a guided warm-up using capoeira movements followed by practicing sequences of capoeira movements both individually and in partners and general physical conditioning exercises to build strength, balance, and agility.

All-Levels classes are designed to accommodate and challenge students of various skill levels, and the pace is determined by the level of the students in attendance.

No previous experience/fitness required.

Capoeira for kids

We have develop a complete Capoeira program for kids. A 45 minutes class covering different areas of the art from fun exercises and drills to music and history. Making Capoeira a fun and great way to make your child learn and exercise.

Instrument classes

Capoeira music is an essential part of Capoeira tradition. Combining singing with percussion, Capoeira music provides energy and rhythm to the game. Tales are told through songs sung in Portuguese, which convey Brazilian history and the history of Capoeira.


The classes are structured for the absolute beginner or returning student who wishes to go back to a basic class.

This step by step workshop will introduce the new comer to

No previous experience/fitness required.

Acrobatic classes

TheĀ purpose of acrobatics in Capoeira are to allow the Capoeira player to move in any direction from any point, and as such, to give the player a more advantageous position. It can also help him get out of tough situations or enhance the beauty and fluidity of the game. The Capoeira game calls for high creativity at its highest level of performance..

The acrobatic classes will not only teach you how to do flips or handstands but will challenge you mentally, help you to learn and improve different areas of training such Balancing, Strength, Tumbling, Flexibility and Coordination.

Technique and progressions will lead participants comfortably at each stage to enable them to perform all movements on floor not just on a mat.