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Now you can train capoeira anytime, anyplace...
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The Capoeira Flow App provides you with everything you need, whether you are a complete beginner or looking to master your advanced skills, Our app has been designed to cater for everyone.


Once subscribed you will have complete access to

  • Complete access to a catalogue of step by step video tutorials by the very own Fabio Santos

  • Complete access to our AcroFlow Library to enhance your capoeira acrobatic skills

  • Complete access to body workouts session to get your body primed and ready for capoeira and prevent injures. 

  • Complete access to detailed explanations and breakdown tutorials of movements & techniques from beginner to advanced level

  • Complete access to a 6 week workout program to challenge your fitness and tone up your body. 

  • Complete access to our “Move of the month” to keep you motivated and inspired

  • Complete access to our general nutrition guide to help you calculate your BMR, calories and to give you meal and nutrition ideas and guidance

  • Unlimited access to the online class recording